Financing a Business : Grants & Subsidies

There are a wide range of Grants and Subsidies available to businesses across Europe. Finance is available to help support business expansion, to provide funding for R&D innovation, to support training initiatives, to support international expansion. 4seven team help you to identify and access to specific budgets dedicated to technological innovation. These grants are a real complement of your funding strategy.

Detail services

The availability of grants and subsidies often depends on which sector a business is in, where it is located, how well the application is made and timing (some grants only last for a certain period or until the funding has been allocated).

  • R&D innovation projects
  • Export strategy
  • Recruitment & job creation

Disruptive strategy

These G&S are a real part of your funding strategy and can help to optimize the breakdown of your stakes.

Suitable for any business

4Seven will help you to identify the accurate grant aids for your business.